Monday, December 1, 2008

Ain't Family Grand?

Could someone please explain to me where in the hell this year has gone???? The other day it was February and then I blinked and here it is December!
On one hand things are progressing as well as can be expected considering it's DECEMBER 1st!!!
Decorating is done, present shopping has been started, wrapping paper is bought, christmas cards are bought and sitting there waiting for me to get my head out of my butt and address them, weekends are planned out for the next few weeks, and lists have been made. I have even made a couple batches of christmas cookies and we have already started watching Christmas movies. So many movies, so little time.
On the other hand, I haven't wrapped anything yet, I haven't addressed my cards yet(though I do have stamps!!) I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet, and I really need to at least get the stuff bought quickly that needs to be mailed.
Let's just focus on the good for now, shall we.

At least we got the decorating done.


Andi said...

OMG - you're killin' me! I haven't done one thing to prepare for Christmas! You're way ahead of moi.

kandyblossom said...

I, for one, think that this year has gone by entirely too slow!

You are one up on me withthe stamps. I keep running out. Just got another book of 20 today and discovered I need 3 more. Blah!

Tree looks pretty. How are the poinsettias tonight?