Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A day in the life of

It's been awhile since I have updated and since I know that you are all on the edge of your seats wondering what is new in my life, I will just have to put you out of your misery.
Well for starters, I have been working ALOT. I have had two different meetings in the past couple weeks with different DM's from companies that I work for.
I have also been planning a Hot Cocoa/Bake Sale for the Parade on Saturday and only a portion of that includes the actual um, you know, baking, which incidentally I have not started yet because I am a procastinator.
There was also the birthday BBQ from hell this past weekend, wrapping of presents, christmas cards finished and mailed out, more shopping, doctors appointments, vet appointments, various meetings involving the scouts, popcorn money pickups and dropping off at the council.
Wow...I am tired just thinking about it. But alas, all good things will come to an end and after this weekend where I will spend Friday wrapping presents at the local bookstore for donations and then Saturday serving hot chocolate and various baked goods for money for the troop, I will just have to worry about things like day to day household stuff, work and Christmas.
Which brings me to the checklist, which when I pulled out my list, actually looks pretty good.

*Christmas cards filled out and mailed.
*All presents that have been bought already are wrapped and under the tree.
*Both boxes that must be mailed next week are already started and am just waiting for a couple things for one of them and I will take both of them to the Post Office as soon as it comes in.
*Cheshire Cat's scrapbook is about half done.
*Mad Hatter is done.
*Aiden is done.
*Jayla is done.
*I just need to pick up a few things for Caterpillar but I know what they are so I am good there.
*Grandma is done.
*Praying that Dad's book that I ordered comes in but I have a contingency plan if that doesn't work out.
*Need to pick up two more things for Dormouse but I know what those are and will pick them up in my "spare" time.

Now I just need to figure out something else for Cheshire Cat and something for Alvin and I should be done.
I think.


kandyblossom said...

You will get it all done, you always do. Sounds like you are pretty much there with the gift buying.

Andi said...

My dear, I am the queen of procrastination! You are so much further along than I am. I've done pretty much nothing . . . oh, wait! I did input addresses in the computer and printed out the labels for the envelopes. I guess that counts for something!