Monday, November 9, 2009

Room for Improvement

I have been having a string of incredibly bad luck lately. So bad, in fact, that I haven't felt like updating anything really as it would just sound like whining.
But today I decided that while it could definitely be worse, there is ALOT of room for improvement. Of course, immediately after I made this life affirming decision to focus on the improvement, I received a phone call with more bad news.
BUT...we are focusing on the POSITIVE!

I have finagled some things around and decided that no matter what...we are not going to get a car that we will have to make a payment on. We have two more years to pay on MH's truck and we will revisit this topic then but for now we have more than one option available and will go with one of those.

Speaking of more than one option, one of the options that we have is getting MH's grandmothers car. This was originally a pain in the neck idea since they live 8 hours away and she wanted so much for the car even though it needed some work on it. Now things have changed slightly so we would pay $800 for fixing the transmission seals and stuff and then pay his grandmother $500 for the car. Originally she had wanted $1200 even though the transmission had a leak that needed to be fixed. Now, including one way plane fare the entire thing shouldn't cost more than $1500. Much better. Plus we know that the car was taken care of, has less than 40,000 miles on it and was lightly used. I'm thinking this is our best bet at this point.

MH has had alot of time off lately because of different things but it looks like maybe things are looking up a bit. Keep your fingers crossed.

While doing my job lately has not been as easy as it could be, I have at least been able to do it and have worked out a way to try to actually do it a bit better. Also, several contests that they are running lately can make it possible for me to get more money. I like money. I just wish it liked me as much.

All the time off I have had lately has given me a lot of time to clean my house and do things that I have been putting off. My bedroom closet is organized and that, my friends, is not easy considering what was in it and the size of it.

Cheshire Cat hit a raccoon on her way to work early this morning and messed up her radiator and AC. Thank goodness that she was fine and the damage to the car was repaired for less than $150. She was also able to get the car back this evening so everything turned out really good.

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.
Anton Chekhov