Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wow....been a long time. Things have just gotten so busy lately and though there were many things I could have written about, I just didn't feel like it. Some highlights of the past couple weeks or so.

* School started this week and after a couple days of problems and headaches I think everything is going to work out. First day we found out that Caterpillar didn't get all of his shots like we had thought so they sent him home. Had to hurry and find a doctor that had an opening and got his shots. Next day, he ran a fever at school and had a pretty bad headache. Because of the increased panic over Swine Flu they wanted him gone NOW. Things started getting a little better after that and by Thursday the school system decided that they would extend the time for shots until Oct 1st. Sigh.

* Something happened to Caterpillar over the summer because I gave him the option to go to school on Wednesday since he still had a bit of a headache and he decided that he WANTED to go to school. This is NOT normal for him. He gets himself up at 5 am every morning and even has enough time to sit around and play on the computer before he goes. Hope this lasts.

*Mad Hatter's truck decided that it was going to die immediately AFTER filling the gas tank with $80 worth of gas. Took it to the mechanic and the engine is dead. $2200 later and we will have it back next week, we hope.

*I am down to two companies that I am working for and doing some extra work for now for a third company. Even with the decrease in companies that I work for I seem to be incredibly busy lately so I think I will just stick with these two.

*The anniversary of my mom's death is coming up quickly and I go back and forth with ignoring it and focusing on it. Not really sure how Monday is going to go. I keep trying to tell myself it is just another day. We'll see how that works.

*Popcorn season is here for the Boy Scouts. Every weekend we have something going on somewhere trying to make some money for the boys troop. Anyone want any popcorn?

*Mad Hatter's sister will be here next weekend. She and her roommate are coming to visit and we will bbq. The girls and their boyfriends will both be here also so it looks like it will be a full house.

And so goes life. Until the next installment.