Thursday, November 29, 2007

Small town friendly

In my job I drive ALOT. Usually I go through the same towns and go the same way every time I drive. Today however, was different. I had to drive to a town 3 and a half hours away to train a new hire for one of the companies that I work for. As I was driving I noticed that I had forgotten to put gas in my car before I left the big town that I was working in. ACK! Not good, considering that half of the towns I go through do not have gas stations. My gas light came on about 12 miles from the next town and I prayed that I would make it AND that they would have a gas station. And by pray, I mean that I promised God that I would no longer do anything that remotely resembles anything fun. As luck would have it, I did make it and there was a gas station.

I pulled into the gas station and stared at the gas pump totally confused. There was no fast pay slot to put my card in. Okkkkkkkay. Well I come from the land of "YOU MUST PREPAY FOR YOUR GAS BECAUSE WE DONT WANT TO HAVE TO WATCH YOU TO MAKE SURE YOU DONT DRIVE OFF" So I went into the little building and was greeted by the perkiest gas station attendant I have ever seen in my entire life. I grabbed something to drink and walked up to the register and asked for $30 on pump 4. She looked at me like I had grown two heads!

Perky Lady: "Honey, you havent gotten any gas yet!"

WhiteRabbit:"Yes, I know...I was going to prepay you for it"

PL: "Honey, we trust you ...go outside and pump your's fine"

WR: "But I would really rather not have to walk back in afterwards"

PL: "It's okay honey...I will hold onto your Dr. Pepper for you and you can pay for it all at the same time"

At this point, I just figured that it was easier to go outside and pump my gas, rather than argue with her and be called honey anymore. So, I walked outside and pumped my gas.

When I came back in the store she had my drink and gas all rang up and told me that I looked like I could use something to eat. Well, yeah...I suppose I was a little hungry. So she hooked me up with these tasty looking popcorn chicken things with some bbq sauce. I paid for my purchases and by the time I left she was calling me by my first name.

I got in the car and called Mad Hatter to tell him about this freakishly friendly little place that insists that I pump my gas BEFORE I pay for it. I told him how nice Esther (she introduced herself as we bonded over the popcorn chicken) was and how helpful she was in making sure that I had something to eat.

I got off the phone and started eating my popcorn chicken bites with my bbq sauce when I noticed two things....first...the bbq sauce was expired and second........I had the worst case of heartburn I have ever had in my life!

Now I have to wonder.......was she TRYING to poison me????