Monday, April 21, 2008

Tomorrow is Earth Day

Awhile back I purchased some of those reusable shopping bags in an effort to "do my part" for the environment. I have found that I actually prefer using them over the plastic bags for a number of reasons. First, those bags hold a whole lot more than the plastic bags you get from the store. I can fit the contents of 4 plastic bags into one of my reusable bags. Second, they are much sturdier than the plastic bags so no ripping and having stuff fall all over the place. Then there is that feeling you get, just because you are doing something that has an impact on your environment.
I have noticed in the time I have been doing this different reactions from the people working in the stores. There are some that just get annoyed because by you bringing in your own bags it seems to completely and totally throw them off their game and they just don't like it. Then there are the oblivious ones who attempt to bag your groceries in the plastic bags and then place the plastic bags INTO THE REUSABLE ONES. Now, you would think that this was a completely moronic thing to do but apparently there are people that bring their own bags in that PREFER that their stuff gets bagged first and then placed into the reusable bags. Then there are the ones that just don't understand that they are supposed to put your items into that bag. They just don't get it and no amount of explaining seems to seep through to their tiny little brains.
I went to the store today and bought a bunch of stuff totalling $125.....and managed to get all of it into all 5 of my bags......this was almost 3/4 of a cart full of stuff. I carried the two 6packs of cokes by their nifty little handles but the rest of it fit comfortably into all of these bags and though a couple of them were kinda heavy, when I came home I was able to carry in all of my groceries all at one time without having to make multiple trips.
I have spent my life using disposable bottles right after another. I have filled a bunch of landfills with my three children's disposable diapers and I have probably used the equivalent of a football field in paper towels but I am trying. I will bring in my cup to refill instead of getting a new paper cup for my drinks at the convenience store and at Starbucks. I will use my reusable shopping bags whenever I go to the store. I will recycle what I can in my neighborhood. I will use the cloth napkins instead of paper towels or paper napkins. It's not much......but I want to do my part.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sure is quiet .......

I am alone in my house. All alone, well okay the dogs are here and Caterpillars cat is here, but my family is NOT. I have had blessed moments of peace and quiet over the years with one or two of my kids being gone for the night, but Mad Hatter is usually here with me to make the time go by a little quicker.
Last night MH and Caterpillar left to go camping. They will be home late Sunday morning. Wednesday, Dormouse left to go to Galveston with her class for the Regional FCLA conference (which incidentally they won first place and are going on to Nationals sometime in the summer) She will be home some time late tonight. So last night I was alone all by myself cleaning carpets at midnight. Today Cheshire Cat came over and we went to lunch and she and her boyfriend are outside cleaning her car but she will be leaving soon and I will be alone again.
The last time I was alone was back when my girls were 7 and 4 (they are almost 18 and 21 now) and they were with their dad and my ex husband was out in the field. It actually took me a good part of the evening yesterday to backtrack and think of that.
Carpets are clean now...maybe I should go clean out MY car