Monday, July 28, 2008

Good News/Bad News



That is the most recent tally with sightings and all....I am not happy

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Immigration Issues on the Home Front

Immigration is a hot topic lately. Political parties are arguing back and forth about the best possible solution for this problem and nobody seems to have come up with any clear cut answers.
Now, I don't profess to have all the answers. Hell, I don't even have some of the answers for this national dilemma, but I may have a few answers for my own personal immigration issue.
A few months ago the powers that be decided that the field behind my house should be cleared and used for "something". Now, nobody seems to know what this something is but damn it when it becomes clear the field will be ready and able.
Unfortunately, the clearing of that field caused all of the field mice that called that place home to pack up their little bags and find classier digs.
I do not like mice. I also do not like spiders, frogs, bugs that are the size of cantaloupes (I'm looking at you palmetto bug!!) or snakes. Mice though, mice are particularly disturbing.
About a month and a half ago I started noticing the problem. At that time we actually had a cat so the cat caught it and actually took it outside and the little mouse scurried off and did whatever mice do. I was happy with this result. While I don't like rodents in my home I do not want them dead. Seriously, my karma points are at an all time low and I just don't need the hassle. But then the cat ran away (should have been my first clue to the mouse dilemma). A couple weeks later we found one floating in the dog's water dish (oops...apparently switching the food and water dish confused the little suckers) so that brought the tally to two. Well, unless that was the same mouse and it found its way back into the house. Then I started hearing things scurrying around here and there and while sitting here innocently in the living room on my laptop one night I looked up and one scurried past me and ran under the tv stand.
Okay, that was a BIG problem. Apparently they were not happy with the garage and the kitchen anymore. They were taking over the entire house!
So today I went to Lowe's in search of little mousie cages that would capture the mice so that I Mad Hatter could capture them and remove them without actually killing them. I searched and searched but all I could find were traps that would kill them. "I don't wanna kill them" I whined to Mad Hatter. "I just don't want them to be roommates anymore."
Apparently this was too much to ask so I left the store and went to Walmart thinking that since they carry EVERYTHING surely they would have this.
Nope. Nothing that didn't say KILL THE MICE on it. Sigh.
So I resigned myself. I told Mad Hatter that I would just have to make little name tags for them so I could at least pretend they were pets. I thought that maybe I could just print up little eviction notices and possibly half of them would be offended enough to find a new home.
And then I went to the grocery store where I found, right there by the bugspray, what I was looking for. Little itsy bitsy house like things that you put the bait in and it captures them and DOES NOT KILL THEM. Then you take it outside, open it up, and let it scurry out in hopes of finding a new home. SWEET!
So I bought 4 of them and put peanut butter in each one. I also explained to Mad Hatter that he was to take no out of town jobs for the next month or so because I am not going to be left here explaining to the little mice that they have to wait til he gets back to let them free. So now I sit here waiting patiently for the Joe, Mack, Sam and Flora to get a hankering for peanut butter. And pray they haven't reproduced because I have run out of names for these furry little illegal aliens.