Thursday, June 4, 2009


Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. I have been working more lately than normal but have really been loving the checks they provide.
Of course you know what happens when you start making a bit more money and you start thinking of cool things you can do with it, don't you?
You guessed it! The IRS sends you a letter letting you know that they feel a mistake was made on your 2007 taxes and after detailing all the reasons they feel that this is an error they tell you to please remit $1457.36.
And just in case that isn't quite enough, your son, whose father cancelled his insurance in February and you cannot get insurance through your job until October, decided that breaking his tooth in half would be fun. $400 later, he looks like nothing has happened and you cry a little.
So that extra $2000 that I made in the past couple weeks? It's gone. Now, Mad Hatter has a $2K job that he is doing next week. Let's see how that goes.
Other than that, things are fine. Facebook is addictive. And I am tired.