Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sure is quiet .......

I am alone in my house. All alone, well okay the dogs are here and Caterpillars cat is here, but my family is NOT. I have had blessed moments of peace and quiet over the years with one or two of my kids being gone for the night, but Mad Hatter is usually here with me to make the time go by a little quicker.
Last night MH and Caterpillar left to go camping. They will be home late Sunday morning. Wednesday, Dormouse left to go to Galveston with her class for the Regional FCLA conference (which incidentally they won first place and are going on to Nationals sometime in the summer) She will be home some time late tonight. So last night I was alone all by myself cleaning carpets at midnight. Today Cheshire Cat came over and we went to lunch and she and her boyfriend are outside cleaning her car but she will be leaving soon and I will be alone again.
The last time I was alone was back when my girls were 7 and 4 (they are almost 18 and 21 now) and they were with their dad and my ex husband was out in the field. It actually took me a good part of the evening yesterday to backtrack and think of that.
Carpets are clean now...maybe I should go clean out MY car

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