Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things I Probably Won't Get for Christmas This Year

1.A 2008 Saturn VUE Hybrid.

2.A new walk in closet with built in shoe shelves and cubbies for my purses.

3.An office to put all of my stuff for work so that it isn't located in seven different places.

4.An assistant to help me find where I have placed everything.

5.An endless notebook. Why has nobody invented one of these????? I hate changing notebooks when I run out of paper and I don't want to use a binder. I just want to pick a notebook and NEVER run out of paper. Is that too much to ask?

6.An on call masseuse. With warm hands.

7.A free pass to Starbucks at any time.

8.To lose 40 lbs without having to do anything at all, like exercising and eating right. I wanna be able to eat cheesecake and not have any ill lasting effects.

9.A gigantic custom built kitchen with a huge island and cabinets as far as the eye can see.

10.Maid service....or children to magically remember to pick up everything they put down.

11.Happy customer service people. I just want to go into a store and not have to feel like I am inconveniencing someone when I need to ask a question or heaven forbid, check out.

12.A card from the electric company with a note telling me that since I am such a good customer, they are going to comp my bill for the entire year.

13.While I am at it, how about an endless bank account? I write out a check or swipe my card and it goes through no matter what I buy.

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Alice Audrey said...

A car? And I thought asking for a sewing machine was pushing it.

Brenda ND said...

LOL. I don't think I'll get any of those things either. Happy TT!

yoonamaniac said...

I'm no expert, but I think you might be able to get the endless notebook. Have faith. :)

my blog said...

They all sound like great gifts but I doubt I'll get any of those for Christmas either!!

forgetfulone said...

Wouldn't all those things be nice? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

kandyblossom said...

Good luck with that list.

I just want a sewing machine.

And my husband.

Andi said...

I'll take #13 too!!!!