Wednesday, December 17, 2008

100 Things

I was finally able to finish this list.....took me long enough.

1. I was born in Long Beach California
2. My dad was in the Navy so we moved around a lot when I was a kid.
3. I am the oldest child.
4. I have one brother.
5. My brother and I are not close.
6. My dad is living in the Vet’s home in Missouri after suffering a stroke.
7. My mother was in a nursing home for 7 years before she died in Aug.
8. I had my oldest daughter one month after I turned 16 years old.
9. I have three children total, one boy and two girls.
10. I have had many jobs in my lifetime but currently I am a merchandiser.
11. I work freelance for 2 companies and was hired as an employee for 3 others
12. I was married twice
13. I am now living in sin and liking it a lot better
14. My marriage life expectancies tend to run about 5 years
15. I have been living in sin for almost 7 years now with the love of my life
16. Christmas is my favorite holiday
17. I love the lights and family traditions my kids and I have started.
18. I love to read
19. I have only been able to pass this love of reading onto my oldest daughter
20. Although my middle daughter has recently gotten into it
21. I hold out hope that my son will someday understand the joy of reading
22. Mad Hatter is the 1st person that I have ever met that reads more than I do
23. My favorite color has changed throughout my life
24. Right now it is pink
25. I always have to have something to drink near me.
26. At home it is always sweetened iced tea
27. When I am driving around it is usually a cherry dr pepper from sonic
28. I am addicted to Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha lattes.
29. I do not make enough money to be addicted to Starbucks lattes
30. My favorite flowers are lilies
31. I have undiagnosed ADHD
32. I know this because I have absolutely no focus
33. Oh look! Shiny Thing!
34. Mad Hatter seems to think I have OCD
35. Just because I have certain things that must be done certain ways
36. Personally, I think he’s nuts
37. I hate cleaning bathrooms
38. But cleaning kitchens do not bother me
39. It sucks that I have two bathrooms
40. Since my oldest has moved out, she has become one of my best friends
41. I didn’t think that I would survive her teenage years
42. Or that I wouldn’t kill her
43. My middle daughter still lives with me. She is 18.
44. I hope to have that kind of relationship with her later.
45. If I don’t kill her first
46. My eyes change colors with my mood and what I am wearing.
47. Sometimes they are grey, blue or green
48. I am 5’10
49. I am so not telling you what I weigh
50. I love shoes and purses.
51. My closet is not very cooperative with my shoe and purse addiction.
52. It is much too small
53. People with no sense of humor annoy me
54. I like to cook
55. But cant sew to save my life
56. Although I did once make my son a fake fur vest for a school play
57. I am in the process of doing my first scrapbook
58. It’s a present for my daughter for Christmas
59. I really need to hurry up and finish it.
60. When doing laundry I don’t mind folding clothes
61. But I really hate hanging them on hangers
62. I am a Taurus
63. I hate cold weather
64. Unless I don’t have to go anywhere and can stay home all day
65. I can’t stand to sleep in socks
66. So I have cold feet every single night
67. I have colored my hair since I was 13 years old
68. It was blonde for the longest time but now is reddish brown
69. My house seems to have a revolving door.
70. Mostly at meal times.
71. My grocery bill is totally obnoxious
72. I am not a very organized person
73. But I really want to be
74. One thing I seem to be very good at is organizing fund raisers
75. Which is why I am in charge of all the ones for my sons Boy Scout Troop
76. My ideal vacation would be somewhere alone with Mad Hatter.
77. I didn’t ride on an airplane until I was 25 years old
78. I really didn’t like it
79. It might be because it was to Germany with 3 kids, by myself.
80. I have since rode a plane many times
81. It’s gotten easier, but I still don’t like it
82. I can’t function without my day planner and notebook.
83. My notebook contains all my lists.
84. I am a consummate list maker.
85. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland
86. And find a pot of gold
87. I have a very neurotic dog.
88. I’m not sure he realizes he is a dog.
89. I have always wanted an herb garden.
90. But I tend to kill plants so I keep putting it off.
91. I am a procrastinator.
92. But I am trying to reform myself.
93. It’s not working very well.
94. I am not a morning person
95. I can't get up in the morning without hitting the snooze at least twice.
96. I got my first tattoo when I was 35.
97. It will be my last.
98. I miss the fact that my kids were once cute babies but I dont want anymore.
99. I will hold out for grandkids instead
100. This was really hard!


kandyblossom said...

I think you may have cheated just a bit. LOL.

Glad you finally got it done.

whiterabbit said...

Just a tiny I would help if I were a bit more interesting.

my blog said...

Your 31 & 32 is totally me too!!

Like you I have a Starbucks addiction that I can so not afford.

A great list!

Andi said...

White choc mocha lattes!! Yummmmmmm

I think I'll write one of these!