Monday, June 9, 2008

And another one bites the dust

It's finally over. My daughter is now officially a high school graduate. (SOB!)

No...really. I'm fine. It's not like this is my first time around with a child graduating. But it just FEELS differently than when Cheshire Cat graduated. Dormouse just doesn't seem to be as old as CC. Not to mention that 6 hours after graduation she was on her way to Austin with her dad so they could fly to Missouri for the summer. (SOB!)


This weekend was, was interesting, for lack of a better word. MH's family was supposed to get here on Saturday afternoon and the girls dad was supposed to fly in on Friday. Of course you will take notice that I used the word SUPPOSED. The girls dad was here right on time, just like he was supposed to be, however, MH's family decided it would be fun to come down here a day early. And not tell us. Until they were half way here. (SOB!)

Well that worked out all okay. His parents got a room and his sister, brother and the little boy his sister is taking care of all stayed with us. That wasn't so bad. The girls dad stayed with Cheshire Cat in Austin so they were only here during the day and in the evening. That was a little trickier.

Imagine if you will.....being in your ex wife's house for an entire weekend with her inlaws and friends. I actually felt sorry for him at first. Until he decided to get a bit creepy. Now, keep in mind that I have been divorced from this man for 15 years. I haven't really had anything to do with him at all besides on the phone for the past 8 years. (This would be where it comes in handy to live two states away from your ex) Honestly, the man has had his issues but I really don't remember him being ......creepy. He would sit there and not say a word. Just stare. And then there were several times that I was standing somewhere doing something and he would just come up and stand there looking down at me. He is pretty tall so that wasn't a major feat, however it was just the way that he did it. The girls and I have joked in the past that it really wouldn't surprise any of us to find out that he had a hidden second life. And that he was a serial killer or something. After this weekend though...I don't think it's really a joke.

I could have lived with that whole thing though but he had to go and make Dormouse cry. Long story short......For the past few years he has talked about the fact that he was going to give her one of the cars that he and his wife have. Even to the point of calling it her car when discussing it with anyone. He did the same thing for Cat when she graduated also. Told her she was getting a car but then she went and had to pay for most of it with the money that had been given to her over the years for birthdays and christmas. He placed it all into a bank account and that was what it was used for. Well she went up there to work for the summer and got the car. Dormouse was supposed to do it this year but now all of a sudden he has to buy her another car because they dont want to get rid of the "Dormouse's car" So now he is upset that she doesnt have enough money saved and that he will have to drive her back and forth for work. Um...get over it. Who the hell do you think has driven her to and from work and everywhere else she has needed to go for the past 18 years??? Now, this is not a surprise to him. He knew when coming down here how much money she had. Why did he choose this weekend when everyone was here and there was so much commotion going on? And then when she started crying he wouldn't let her out of her room cause he told her she was too upset to go out in the other room. GRRR.

But he is now gone and barring her wedding and college graduation....I really shouldn't have to deal with any of that anymore.

I was having a really hard time getting pics of the graduation ceremony since nobody was allowed down there with a camera. I am hoping that they will send the proofs of the photos that they took as they were getting their diplomas so that I can buy some. I am feeling a bit out of focus baby has graduated and I only have one left. (SOB!) I am really proud of her, but please tell me that this icky, don't know what to do with myself feeling goes away. (SOB!)

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kandyblossom said...

Yea for her!!!

You will be fine, for now. Just wait until #3 graduates and moves out. OY! How hard is that gonna be!

How are things going for her at her Dad's house?