Sunday, June 22, 2008

Calories that shouldn't count

In my quest to count calories I have encountered many questions regarding weather or not to count the calories for certain things.

1. When cooking something and having to taste it to determine if more seasoning should be added should you really try to break it down to the bite? I mean come on, it's not like I am eating half a serving or something (most of the time)
2. When you are eating mozzarella sticks and you have portioned them out to just have two of them and your significant other is sitting over there chowing down on his plateful, complete with ranch dressing to dip them in, should it really count if you just reach over and dip your mozzarella stick into his ranch dressing? Didn't I read somewhere that calories from stolen food do not count?
3. When in the midst of a nervous breakdown and you are pacing back and forth and burning more calories than you actually are consuming, should you have to count those if you don't count the pacing as exercise?
4. When cleaning off the table and there is one piece of bacon left on the plate from breakfast that you don't want to waste by throwing away, does it count if you just pop it in your mouth or is that considered clean up?
5. When cleaning out the refrigerator and coming across that last piece of quesidilla in the glad ware container should you count the calories consumed or is that, like the above question, considered clean up?
6. Again, another clean up question. When cleaning out the nightstand on your significant others side of the bed and coming across a mostly empty bag of reeses pieces do you count the calories for the leftover candies that you scarfed down while frantically making sure that nobody is watching?
7. When someone, without your knowledge, brings you a latte, do you have to count the calories or should that be considered being polite?

This dieting thing is turning out to be more confusing than I thought it would be.

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