Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crabby R Us

I am having a bad week. I am pretty busy this week but honestly, it's been worse. This week I have resets of the PC Speaker displays in Circuit City to do. I did one of them today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I hate having to do electronic resets where I have to hook up stuff and pray for them to work but it really makes me feel good when I finish and everything works exactly the way it should. It was pretty pathetic but I pretty much made every person working in the store come over and ooh and ahh over my display when it was done. MH is right...I am high maintenance.
When I went to leave the store today I was met by a man at the front door selling almond chocolate bars for $2 each. He told me that it was to support drug addicts who want to get help. So of course I had to open my damn mouth, without thinking as I often do, and said "So, you're saying that I should buy a $2 and 500 calorie candy bar to help people who just WONT SAY NO" Luckily, the man had a sense of humor and I actually bought the candy bar from him. While walking to my car I wondered to myself if calories count if the candy bar was to help a charity. My conscience prevailed however and I was sitting at a stop light when I noticed someone standing with a sign asking for food or money so I gave them the candy bar. (SO QUIT GOING BACK AND LOOKING AT MY FOOD DIARY AND NOTICING THAT I DIDN'T PUT IT ON THERE!)
Honestly, I think the reason I am so crabby today is because I ate like crap today. Actually, this morning I didn't eat anything but I drank a crapload of calories and I always feel like crap when I don't eat anything til dinnertime. Gotta remember to take a sandwhich or something with me tomorrow.
It's only Tuesday so surely this week will get a little better, right?

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kandyblossom said...

LOL.. .yep you are high maintenance, but love you anyway.