Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My brand new, less than a year old smoothtop Maytag range has stopped working. Okay, the oven works great, the three smaller burners all work just fine. The bigger burner that normal people use for oh, let's just say EVERYTHING, works so-so. But only on high. Have you ever tried to cook everything on high. Yeah......doesn't work so well.
So I tried to call in to get it fixed. I have actually tried on numerous occasions but the run around just got to be too taxing for my poor little head.
Today, however, yes today I sat down and determined that I would get to the bottom of who exactly is responsible. After two friggin hours on the phone with 9 different people I have an appointment on Thursday....sometime between the hours of o'dark thirty and o'my god it's time for bed!

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