Monday, June 16, 2008

It's official...I'm a wimp

For years and years and years I was always the tall skinny one. Now, I didn't particularly think I was THAT skinny....especially once I hit my 20's. I was fairly comfortable with my weight then, as evidenced by the fact that I could eat half of a cow and follow that up with a vat of ice cream and not have any evidence of the fact later.
I have now found the evidence. In the past 5 years I have gained 50 lbs and a whole bunch of blobby sections on different parts of my body. Yeah...not so cool.
For the past couple years I have whined about it but not done much beyond the whining, which apparently is annoying to my family. (Poor little skinny ass wimps)
This has all changed recently. A few months ago I started cooking things a bit different and started buying different things at the grocery store. I don't have cookies or chips in my house anymore. If my kids want a snack they need to grab some yogurt, or string cheese or apples or maybe even a granola bar. Strangely enough, they really aren't that upset about this. Go figure.
Then last week I joined Curves. I was just going to check it out. You know, run in and see how everything works. I really didn't want to deal with having a contract or anything. I just wanted to see what it was all about. One of my friends has been trying to talk me into going for about a year now but I just never seemed to have the time. So I wander in and ask about prices and things and they set me up with an appointment to come back later on that day so they can go over everything with me. Okay, that doesn't sound so painful. So I went back and OMG they were brutal. First she gave me this thingie that somehow or another read how much body fat there was on my body. THEN she made me get on a scale. Then....while I was still trying to adjust to the fact that the scale actually yelped when I got on ......she came at me with the dreaded measuring tape!!! A measuring tape!! ON MY THIGHS!!!!!!!!!!
Oh the horror!
So needless to say, after that little bit of persuasion plus selling I was begging her to let me sign a contract.
I am supposed to go in three times a week so I decided that I would do Mon, Wed and Fri. Unfortunately, my first day there happened to fall on a Thursday so I figured that week I would do Thurs and Sat.
I went in on Thurs and thought everything went pretty good considering that I haven't exercised in probably 10 years. I did the stretchy thing, I did the two rounds on all the machines and I felt pretty damn good. I was dripping with sweat when it was done but I felt pretty energized.
Then I woke up on Friday morning and almost died. My calves were KILLING ME. I had to work that day and wouldn't you know it .....that was one of those days that I had 11 different stores to do. Which means not only walking around those stores but also walking from the parking lot TO the store.
Did you know that 90% of the parking lots in my area slope upwards slightly? either.
Did you also know that it is damn near impossible to limp properly when you don't have a clue which leg hurts more?
Luckily all I had to say was ..."New gym membership" and everyone seemed to understand.
By Sat morning they were still hurting but I was afraid that I would never go back so I went anyway. I made it throughout the entire thing, but just barely.
Sunday was much better and though it still hurt I managed to actually go shopping without having to hobble.
Today when I went the muscles were still straining but I managed to get through the routine without fire shooting out of my legs so I figure that I am making a bit of progress.
Honestly, I knew I would have some discomfort but damn.....this is downright embarrassing! I'm a wimp!

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