Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's that time of year again

It's the time of year where I must say goodbye to my favorite television characters for the summer and pray they return in the fall. Last year I had to say goodbye to both Charmed and Gilmore Girls. This year it looks like I may luck out and get to keep all the shows that I watch and love. But what about the characters????
Let's start with Bones :
I have watched this show from the beginning and though alot of people complain about it, I have always liked it. The season finale however, really threw me off. In the preceding episode it looked like Booth had been killed and the opening scene in the season finale did little to dispute that since they were all getting ready to go to his funeral. Now, personally I really felt that there was no way they could kill off his character and I really had a feeling that his death had been faked somehow. Of course the writers came up with the same logical conclusion though they came up with a really half assed explanation for it. I however, will forgive them for this faux pas specifically because they finally ended the "Gormogon" mystery. I was surprised, not shocked, about the way they brought that around. Someone in the Jeffersonian had to be involved as his apprentice and though I did not believe for a second that it was Hodgins (way too obvious) I was caught off guard when it was revealed that it was Zack.

This is one of my favorite shows of all time. I love Mark Harmon and Mike Weatherly. The show would just not be the same without either of those people. For months now I had heard that someone would be getting killed off by the end of the season. There are seven main characters and it would definitely be one of those seven. Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, McGee, Abby, Jenny or Ducky. After careful consideration I determined that the only one of these that I would be comfortable with losing is Jenny. And because the writers over at NCIS carefully check with me before making any major decisions, they concurred and Jenny was killed within the first hour of the two hour season finale. I knew there would be fallout from this and that the team would take a beating, however it never occurred to me that the new NCIS director would decide that he should play God and split the team up. The season finale ended with Ziva getting sent back to Israel, Tony getting assigned to a ship and McGee getting reassigned to the cyber division! No, no, no NCIS writers. Bad writers!! Someone, somewhere better be gearing up to fix this immediately in the beginning of the next season or I will be incredibly upset.


Seriously, I haven't been into CSI for quite awhile. Though I was really happy when Sara left,I just never quite got back into that adoration I had for this show in the beginning . I did manage to tune into the finale because I knew that this would be Warrick's last hurrah and figured that I would see how they did with that. Seriously....there is nothing that CSI could do to beat the season finale years ago when they buried Nick Stokes alive. That show had me sitting on the edge of my seat and I honestly have not been able to get back to enjoying it as much as I did then. As the episode progressed and it came out the Warrick had been set up I really thought that he would just say "Screw it, I'm done." or else he would get fired because of his personal problems or something. I did not expect him to be shot, point blank, while we all sat and watched. It should make for an interesting few episodes at the beginning of next season so I will probably tune in to watch that and see how it plays out.

Criminal Minds

OMG...where to start?? JJ finally announced that she was pregnant and it was so touching the way that Hotchner was upset that she didn't tell him. Morgan was in fine form and the premise of the episode was very compelling. I mean come on......all these murders and different suspects in each one? Brilliant! But the ending...oh the ending. The last scene is everyone getting into their vehicles and of course they all have dark colored SUV's. Hotch, JJ, Morgan, Reid, Rossi, Garcia and Emily. All in different vehicles! And then one of them blows up! IT BLOWS UP! And so now I have to wait until the beginning of next season to find out who. Personally, I am going to go on the line and make my assumption right now. I believe that it will be JJ and though she will lose the baby and Will will be killed, she will somehow survive. That is just my theory.


I have been bored with House this entire season. Ever since Cameron, Chase, and Foreman left House's team it just hasn't been the same. I caught a few episodes throughout the season and got to know some of the new team members. I was never overly crazy about Amber but I was really glad when she and Wilson got together. I really enjoyed the episode where he realized that Amber was just a female version of house. It was hilarious. I really looked forward to seeing where they were going to take that relationship and how House figured into it. Amber was involved in a bus crash along with House, whom she was actually just trying to help. Of course she took some flu medication and before her kidneys had time to actually process it the bus crashed and damaged her kidneys, making the medication poison the rest of her body. They put her in a protective hypothermia while trying to figure out what is wrong with her but when they finally figure it out, there is nothing they can do. So, they wake her up so that Wilson can at least spend the last few hours of her life with her and that was the most heart wrenching thing I have watched in a very long time. The look on her face as Wilson explains what happened and when she realizes that there is no hope for her. The range of emotions ......disbelief, horror, terror, and sadness. All within seconds. Seriously, this woman deserves an Emmy! This was, without a doubt, the best season finale of all...and from a show that I wasn't even sure that I liked anymore! There was no way to watch this without your eyes tearing up just a little.

So, now I play the waiting game. There is never anything on during the summer worth watching, at least nothing that I have found. But I will have the fall to look forward to......someday.

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