Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I know this is a little dark but this is my entry way. No, that is not what my wall looks like.....that is a stack of boxes that were sitting there when I walked in my house this evening. Actually, you can only see six of the boxes. There are NINE.
I have a small car. No gas guzzler for me! Since I drive on average 300-500 miles a week that is usually a good thing. At times like this however, not so good. How in the hell am I going to get all these stupid boxes into my car?????
On another note.....Dormouse's graduation is coming up quickly. I really need to get things together and start on the many of projects that we wanted to get done before then. On Friday afternoon we will be going to pick up the tile so that the kitchen, dining room, entry way and both bathrooms will get tiled, hopefully before next weekend. Mad Hatter has decided that he really wants to do some painting. I have no problem with this but I told him that all the other stuff needs to get done first and if there is any time leftover then he is more than welcome to attempt that.
Mothers Day was really nice. All of my kids were here and it was also Dormouse's 18th birthday so we just combined it all and it was great. I got flowers from Cheshire Cat and from Mad Hatter but since my birthday is on Monday I figure that is okay as long as someone pulls a really nifty present out for me!


DeeDee said...

Dude, looks like you're gonna be making a lot of trips 'cause there's no way you're getting all that in one load!

Reminds me of when we lived in our apartment in DC. My husband would order stuff all the time and on any given day there were stacks of boxes crammed all around our tiny tiny apartment. I had considered at one point moving into one of them just to have my own space.

whiterabbit said...

Ya know, moving into them just to have my own space really doesn't sound like a half bad idea!!