Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have a dog. His name is Jack. This is my dog.

He is a very cute dog and I actually like him most of the time but seriously, can this dog get any more nuerotic????

For over a week this stupid thing has been limping around and acting like he was dying. Over the weekend it got really bad so on Monday I called and made him an appointment for the next day and took him in to be looked at.

Have you ever had a car that made funny noises and you take it in to the mechanics and all of a sudden the car decides that it is going to run better than it did when it was brand new? That was my dog yesterday.

He stopped limping about a half an hour before the appointment. I took him anyway because I didn't want to feel guilty about not taking him am a good pet owner and wanted to make sure that he was okay. So, the vet feels him up and moves his legs all over the place and checks everything out, just to make sure. And then charges me $111.95 for the entire process, INCLUDING muscle relaxers for when he gets a bit stiff. I don't get muscle relaxers and trust me...after writing that check out I NEEDED THE DAMN MUSCLE RELAXERS!!

So Jack is fine and I put him in the car and we drive home. I let him out of the backseat and followed him into the house. He limped the whole time. Damn dog.

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