Friday, May 16, 2008

People who have annoyed me today

1. The GM at one of my stores who decided on the very last day of the week to get everything accomplished that "on second thought he would really like to have that display built"
2. The school nurse who called me while I was working over an hour away to tell me that my son had an accident during Field Day and really needed to be taken in to see the doctor. After traveling at high speeds to get back here because I have the only insurance card for him we realized it was just a little sprain and he was fine. I swear school nurses are the bane of a working mothers existence.
3. The manager of another of my stores who called me to tell me that a display came in and she wouldn't have time to get it up and I really needed to get it out of her storeroom. So tomorrow I will be putting up her damn display.
4. The Altell Information Operator who, when I called the first time to ask for the number to my kids doctor, gave me the wrong number to the wrong place but hurried and transferred me to the automated system before I could finish telling her.
5. The Altell Information Operator that I called the second time to complain about the first and get the number that I needed.
6. The Altell Information Operator that I called the THIRD time to complain because his coworkers were morons and the second operator gave me the friggin fax number.
7. The doctor's office, who decided that in the midst of my incredibly stressful day that putting me on hold for 15 minutes would be a good idea.
8. My District Manager who called me today to apologize because she forgot to order my plane tickets when they were only $150 and now that they are $450 I will have to drive to Dallas instead on Tuesday morning.
9. My sons school who seems to think that I am an amazing person who can pull a fake fur vest out of my ass for his school costume that is due on Monday.
10. My daughters school who calls with the automated message about paying book fines or else they will hold her grades and her diploma for ransom. The books are all turned in on Monday and they are scanned in with the numbers. Now, I was waiting until this happened so we can determine weather or not someone else has her book. When I called the school to tell them this they explained that it was really a long shot and they really wanted to make sure that they get the money turned in by Wednesday. I asked them if I sent in a check and then someone turns in the book does that mean they will contact me and reimburse me. She was unable to answer this simple question.

See.. I was just trying to do the wrong kind of lists. These are really easy!
Please tell me that tomorrow will be a better day

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