Monday, May 5, 2008

In which I attempt to think positive

I have a friend who has a weekly post of things that she is thankful for. She generally lists ten things every week that has happened and it's always so refreshing to see those happy little moments and even when she is having a hard week she always manages to find ten little things that make her smile.
I thought I would shamelessly steal her nifty little idea, if for no other reason than I really hate Mondays and they always seem to be screwed up.

1. Caterpillar managed to not only pass his TAKS tests but he also has a solid C average in Math which means that he will very probably pass the 5th grade!!!
2. While shopping today I actually remembered to bring my coupons and my total came to $190 but I only paid $130. I actually saved almost $60 in COUPONS!!!
3. Work has been piling on so much lately and though I am a bit tired (okay, can we say freakin exhausted!!!) the checks have been really nice.
4. I only had to fill up my car twice last week instead of three times. (yeah, I know I am stretching it there)
5. Dormouse managed to get her book fine down from $250 to $125 (seriously stretching it now)
6. Mad Hatter has not managed to get me sick yet.
7. Ummmmmmmm.......geez. I am really bad at this. Okay, thinking positive. I have a fairly easy week this week at work.

Oh hell.....I will have to work on this positive thinking thing a bit. I apparently suck at it.

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kandyblossom said...

I like your list.

That's great about the coupons. I suck at using those. Wish I were better at it.

YEA for C! And Yea for a lower book fine.