Saturday, February 2, 2008

Southern girls dont drive on ice.

I am a southern girl. I wasn't born a southern fact, I was born in California. I was raised in Virginia for the first part of my life and after the age of 10 moved to Missouri where I lived to the ripe old age of 18. After leaving Missouri, I moved to Georgia for 8 years and then went on a brief stint to Germany for 2 and a half years. I then moved to Texas where I have been since the begining of 1999.
The point to all of this is that I do NOT do snow. I do not like snow and it does not like me. My brother has not stopped giving me a hard time because in my advanced age I seem to have not only developed night blindness but directional dumbness. The other night, it snowed. It snowed ALOT. Not as much as the people around here were expecting but HEY! I'M FROM TEXAS DAMMIT! CENTRAL TEXAS! WHERE IT DOESN'T SNOW!!!
Anyway, it snowed. And I still tried to make it out to Columbia where my dad was. I drove out there at I70 was fairly clear. Then I took the exit.
Did I mention that I have a rental car? Yes, I have a rental car. I have a rental car that has Florida license plates so I have to assume this is a Florida car. The windshield wiper fluid is FROZEN. The windshield wipers are crap and as I look out over the parking lot where my car sits right now, I swear it shivers. Poor car.
Anyway, back to the story. I got Columbia....without my suitcases.....because of snow. How embarrassing is that? I just couldn't see anymore. I couldn't stop sliding all over the streets. And, I couldn't find the damn interstate! So I got a motel.......apparently the only motel in existence that does not have wifi. I found the mall....bought some clothes and toothbrush and toothpaste and holed up all by myself in this little room until morning, when I could see and drive without sliding all over the place.
I wanna go home.

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Mrs Gnome said...

Chicken!!! LOL

Just a few more days and then you can return to your own little chaos called home.