Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reasons why I have an imprint of my steering wheel on my head

I cannot for the life of me understand why exactly I seem to attract the most obnoxiously stupid people in the world. I have been sick lately so my patience is pretty much shot but honestly......what is wrong with these people.
First thing this morning I received a phone call from someone at 7:56 am. Now.....usually I would already be awake but since I have been sick I haven't been sleeping worth a crap and didn't go to bed until 4 am. This phone call was from one of my bosses to ensure that I remembered that NEXT MONTH is when we start calling on certain stores. Yes....I can totally understand why it is necessary to CALL before 8 am to ensure that I know that this is happening as opposed to ....oh I don't know............EMAILING!!!
So I get up and decide that I may as well get something accomplished today. I have a bunch of work to get done because I have been screwing around all week and not getting enough done. I go into the kitchen to get a drink and of course the sink is completely stopped up and there is a sinkful of water and God only knows what else sitting in it. Sigh.
I finally get out of the house and receive a text from Dormouse whining because she forgot her lunch money. Okay...yes I understand that she needs to be responsible and everything but honestly it's not like she ALWAYS does this and shes so damn skinny she can't really afford to skip meals so I run up there to get that done. I can go to work, right? I forgot to pay the damn water bill. Sigh. Okay, no problem. I drive downtown and get in the nifty little drive up line. I never remember how much my water bill is so I just write the check out and round up cause I know it was $8something. So I write it for $90 and put it in the little slot. Ooops....effective yesterday we are no longer allowed to go through the drive thru lane without having your bill on you. SIGH. Alrighty then.....I pull around, park in the parking lot and go inside. There are only two people standing in line and NOBODY at the counter working it. Why, you may be asking? Well, because both of the ladies that were working were working on the DRIVE THRU!!! Eventually, one of the ladies came over and started waiting on the lobby customers. It's finally my turn so I hand her my check and she proceeds to start looking up my account by my name which of course is on the check. She then asks if the account is in my name and I tell her's in the name that is on the Memo portion of my check. She looks it up again and says " are paying too much." "Yes", I tell her, " I generally just get a credit for the next month" Well this confused the crap out of her but finally after asking if this was even possible to the other lady she hands me my receipt. Oops....I have $17.64 worth of credit because apparently it wasnt $8something it was $7something.
At this point and time I decide that it is too much trouble to quit smoking today so I stop at a convenience store and get a pack of cigarettes. The total was $4.77 ( Yes, I know I shouldn't smoke, yes I know that is expensive ...get off my case!!) I actually had cash so I handed the lady $5.02 expecting to get a quarter back. OMG!!!! After trying to patiently explain this to her I finally gave up and took my two dimes and 5 friggin pennies because she couldnt figure it out.
Finally, I was able to go to work where my day got a lot better because I was able to actually, you work. But now I have a headache from banging my head on the steering wheel repeatedly today.

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Your Gnomish Friend said...

Poor you!

Your experiences are exactly why I don't answer my phone. LOL.

As far as stupid people...they are everywhere. A sad statement of our education system these days.

You know I love ya! You are my very favorite Dust Bunny!