Monday, February 11, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Have I mentioned how glad I am to be home? Seriously, even though there is the everyday mundane stuff to deal, cleaning, chauffering, appointments, work.....doesn't matter. I really missed being home.
I was able to spend the weekend getting my house together and organizing everything for the entire week, so that I can actually get something accomplished. I have noticed that I don't function very well without taking the weekend to organize. If I put it off and try to do it during the week in the mornings before I leave, I get all discombobulated and out of control. I don't know why I even try anymore, I think I am getting too old to be spontaneous. I need strict schedules that do not allow for procatination of any kind.
Tomorrow is the annual meeting with the ARD committee at Cody's school to determine weather or not he still needs some extra help with math. Judging by his grades I would assume this would be a no brainer but he has this laziness issue and "forgets" to turn things in. This is the first meeting that I will have with this school since he switched schools at the beginning of the year. I really liked the counselers and the facilitator at the last school. However, I really like his teacher this year, so I am hoping that everything goes smoothly and they don't take away the extra tutoring. The way it goes right now he gets help during school from the Special Education teacher and has two days a week of tutoring. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Dad was moved to another facility today. His insurance decided that he wasn't making enough progress at the costly rehab that he was in, so he was moved to another facility and hopefully that will help. He informed me while I was up there that he wanted to come down here with us so I have been looking into someplace that will be able to help him. Right now he needs more care than I can possibly give him but that doesn't mean that he will always be like that. Because of other serious issues he cannot live with my brother but if we can get him to the point that he can be somewhat self sufficient then we will have him move in here with us, though we would probably need a bigger place to accomodate wheelchairs or walkers. I spoke to him last night on the phone and apparently he is very serious about coming down here because he asked me about it several times.
It's really weird. I dont have the best relationship in the world with my dad. Never have. I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually spoken to my dad on the phone in the last 5 years. Last night, while talking to him I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with him because he didn't seem to want to hang up. I don't think I spent that much time on the phone with him if you added up all of those phone calls together. In recent months we emailed pretty regularly but that was it. I'm not really sure how to handle this newfound dad thing. I am not stupid, I do realize that right now they only reason that he is wanting so badly to come down here is because I am the lesser of two evils. I'm not saying that my dad doesn't love me, nor me him....because of course I love him, he's my dad. And I am sure that he loves me too. I think part of the problem is that I haven't lived near my family, any part of my family, for almost 20 years (And can I just interject...THANK GOD!) I guess maybe I am a little rusty on this whole family thing. Then there are the complications that have arisen that just make things ugly but somehow, someway, things will work out.

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