Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mental Health Day

Remember how I said that I was scheduling my Nervous Breakdown (and yes....Nervous Breakdowns are that important that they should be capitalized) for the 16th? I decided that I have had enough little mini ones to make up for that and I will not be needing to use a whole Saturday for it. In fact, I decided that I am tired. So I am taking a Mental Health Day.
I went to Cody's meeting this morning. I was there bright and early without the benefit of Starbucks but still managed to keep my sense of humor. I heard about how bright my son was, how well spoken my son was, how funny my son was.......and how lazy my son was. However, I really, really, really like his teacher. It seems that her son acted the same way Cody is acting and he is graduating from MIT this year so there is hope. I told her that I didn't even care at this point if he actually WENT to college....just please oh please graduate! I really like how she makes sure that I know what is going on but doesn't do the blame thing that so many teachers seem to want to do. Yes, I know that I choose to work outside the home (though honestly, I do like to feed him occasionally so having a job does enable that) but, short of standing on his head and following him around to ensure that he has absolutely everything and then actually does it and then TURNS IT IN is pure and total torture. I cannot for the life of me comprehend why in the world a child will whine and complain about actually doing the work and then not even bother turning it in! Sigh.
It is nice and quiet in my house right now...nobody watching tv on the highest setting, no sounds of tv coming from the kids bedrooms, no arguing, no nothing. Just blessed quiet.......well except the cat sneezing and snorting every twelve seconds. But other than that ......silence. I need to take a Mental Health Day more often.

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kandyblossom said...

Where do you sign up for those mental health days? I really need one.

Glad Cody's teacher doesn't play the blame game. That is just so condescending and so utterly pointless.

So, did she have any suggestions?