Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life Altering

For the past few months I have felt at the end of my rope. I have felt that I was barely hanging on by a thread and this past week has stretched that thread thinner than a pre pregnancy Nicole Richie.

It has been one thing right after another, with each one thing being a little bit worse than the last. And that scares me because I feel that I am sitting here waiting for the next thing to happen and all I am doing is damage control in my life.

I am not living. I am reacting. And I don't like it. I think about the future and what I want from it. I think about it but I am not doing anything to get to it. I am working and freaking out over things that I am unable to control and it has made me incredibly angry. It has also made me incredibly exhausted and run down. Today I could barely keep my eyes open, and this was after sleeping in my own bed for 8 hours straight last night.

I have decided that I have to make some changes. Changes are going to have to be made anyway because of other things going on but I am not working at my best like this and have let way too many things slip through the cracks. I am tired of chasing my tail, so to speak, so changes.....they be coming. As soon as I find my sanity.

It's probably in the clothes hamper, under the dirty clothes.

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