Sunday, January 27, 2008

And yet, another excuse not to blog

Wow, I am really bad at this updating thing. In my defense however, this is my first day off since the weekend before last. I have been busy trying to get everything done so that I can take a week off at the end of the month. I fly out on Wednesday afternoon and have all of Monday and Tuesday completely booked in order to make this possible. I will pack on Wednesday morning and rush off to the airport, hopefully in enough time to get there before my plane takes off. If I were any more prepared I swear it would be scary!
It's been an interesting few weeks. I have spoken to my brother more in the past couple weeks than I have spoken to him in over 10 years.....and this is not necessarily a good thing. I now remember WHY I don't like speaking to him often. He's an ass. Enough said.
Dad is in the rehab place and recovering, I don't think it's going to be possible for him to recover enough to be able to live on his own, which is a problem in itself, but we will figure out the best possible scenario and hope that it works.
I did a demo yesterday. I hate demos. I really, really, really, hate demos. Did I mention that I hate demos? Cause seriously, I hate demos. I stood there, like a dumbass, in heels for 6 hours. I spoke about the product to people and answered their questions to the best of my ability seriously for the first 4 hours of it. After that, I got bored and tired. And my feet hurt. ALOT. So, I started spicing it up a bit. When asked how the product worked, I responded that it was "magic". Once I started answering like that, the product FLEW off the shelf. Who knew?
I have really got to get better at this whole updating thing. I think of stuff all the time but for some reason I never get it written. Will have to work on that some. I think it's already on my neverending list of things to do......probably number 190,543

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