Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Complexeties of Changing Your Address

If you have ever moved then you have had to change your address with the Post Office. It all starts with filling out the change of address form and sending it in to your local post office. But,'s much more complicated than that.
I have not been getting my mail from my old house. I put the change of address form in a few weeks ago, but still nothing. Not one little yellow sticker on any of my mail. Plus, I am missing some stuff. So, I called the post office and asked to speak to the Postmaster as I have had run ins with other employees and to save time and my sanity I figured it would be easier to start at the top.
He was very helpful (NOT) and incredibly condescending while explaining the intricacies of forwarding your mail.

1. You fill out your change of address form and put it in a mailbox or drop it off at the post office.
2. It goes into a big box where it sits for God only knows how long before some well meaning employee picks it up and asks "So, should we do something with this?"
3. It is then sent to the forwarding station with a copy sent to the old postal carrier.

It is important to note at this time that I only moved a mile away. I am using the same post office, just a different carrier.

4. The old carrier will then take all of the mail that is addressed to the old address and put it in a little pile to be sent to the forwarding station, which incidentally is located at a totally different post office.
5. This mail then piles up until someone gets tired of looking at it and then the forwarding station will send the customer a letter stating "Hey, we have your mail. Do you want it?"
6. If they hear nothing from the customer then they will assume that the address is good and eventually will send the mail.
This entire process is supposed to take 10 days. It has been 15 days. And, I haven't even received the letter yet!!
So after listening to the Postmaster wax poetically about this process, I expressed my amazement about the efficiency of their system.
"So, what you are saying is that you sent my mail to another post office and I have to wait until they sort through it in order for it to be sent BACK to you so that you can send it on to me???"
I don't think I will be getting my mail anytime soon.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

Here is another message board I belong to. It's for moms, but we chit chat about everything. I love the ladies there and have gotten lots of great support.

kandyblossom said...

What a pain in the rear.

Did you ever get what you were waiting on?