Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yesterday morning I awoke at 5:15 am, grumbled about the fact that not only was it cold, it was still dark! I fumbled through my closet attempting to find something to wear, which was a feat in itself since I haven't had a chance to do laundry in almost two weeks. I finally settled on a pair of jeans and sweatshirt and dressed quickly, still grumbling about the cold and dark. Cheshire Cat showed up a few minutes later and we left to go shopping with a friend of mine in the next town, stopping only once for a latte at Starbucks. By 3pm I was pretty much done with Christmas shopping and approximately $600 poorer.

So yes, Christmas shopping is completed, with the exception of Cheshire Cat's boyfriend. MH even helped me to wrap all of my booty including the things that were strategically placed throughout the bedroom closet and under the bed. So, everything is bought and wrapped and placed under the tree and now the only thing that I have left to do is catch up on all the other stuff I have let slide in the past two months of furious working my tail off.

Speaking of which, I have been awaiting this lovely four day weekend as this is the closest thing that I have to a vacation and trust me...I need one. I have also been awaiting this because I really need things to calm down with work. I have always had a problem with saying NO. I always figure that I can do one more thing and it's really hard for me to turn down money. So, someone will ask me if I can take on several more stores and I say "Sure, no problem!" and then I jump through my butt trying to get it all done. Well, with the close of the year and the end of the 4th quarter I usually lose a few accounts because they do not need servicing as much as they do during the busiest time of the year.

HA! Each and every time I talk to one of my DM's I find out that I have something extra going on in the month of Jan or Feb. One of the companies that I work for will have resets going on in January.....this means that each of the 18 FRIGGIN STORES will have to be reset instead of just servicing it. Okaaaaay. No problem. Then I hear from another DM with "good news!" We will be servicing this new product and they have 3 more stores that they are adding to my list and "oh btw....for the next two months these will need to be visited every two weeks instead of every month" Fine. Then there are two other companies that are adding things to my list every week.........Sigh. So, I'm not really sure that I am going to be less busy at all! But at least the whole holiday season will be over and I won't have to deal with that!

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kandyblossom said...

How was Christmas?

Are you surviving the rest of this week?