Monday, December 17, 2007

Trying not to freak out

Um.....did you know that it's almost Christmas? I'm just asking cause's almost Christmas. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I only ask because....I'M NOT DONE!!!!

This has been a freakishly busy month for me. I have been doing this job for two years now but apparently I just wasnt as established with it as I am now because I have way too much work and nowhere near enough time to get things together this year. I should have known, the past three months have been a nightmare so I should have realized that December was going to be horrible.

I have a crapload of work to get done this week and like the complete and total dumb ass that I am, I had forgotten that next week was Christmas, meaning that there were at least two, possibly three days that I will be unable to get into the stores that I need to in order to actually work. What this means for me is that I am going to have to try to get as much done this week of next weeks work as possible or I will possibly have a meltdown.

This past weekend we went to the Mad Hatters parents house where I had high hopes of finishing up my shopping. Considering that it is an 8 and a half hour drive each way and we left on Friday evening and got back Sunday evening, I apparently lost my ever lovin mind to think this was possible. I bought TWO friggin presents!

Dormouse will be spending Christmas with her father in another state this year. She will be flying out sometime on Thursday. I should probably look up her itinerary to find out when I need to have her at the airport but right now that just seems like way too much trouble. She will be getting her senior pictures taken while there so there are things that must be done that I have finally marked off my never ending to do list. She has had her hair trimmed and we picked up one more outfit for her to change into for her pictures. We also were able to pick up her prescription tonight and I took her to the bank to cash the checks she has been hording for the past few weeks. I believe that I am almost done getting her prepared and since this is only Monday I am pretty damn proud of myself. I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I have this procrastination issue that crops up occasionally, generally causing panic and disarray to my normally chaotic life.

As for Christmas shopping? Um....yeah, I will have to get back to you later about that.

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kandyblossom said...

I went to the $ tree today and finished buying stocking stuffers. Also got 4 rolls of Christmas paper and a roll of birthday paper for Amber's presents. That pretty much makes me done.

I know you will get your's finished, you always do. I think you just require more pressure than the average person. LOL.