Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sooooooo, how's it going? Yeah, um.....your hair looks really nice today. Seriously, have you done something new with it? Okay, fine.....NO I HAVEN'T DONE MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING YET!
I have a plan though! My friend and I are going to get up early on Saturday morning and we will finish it. I have purchased a few things. Nothing for Mad Hatter, but I have the kids almost taken care of. A few more things for Caterpillar and Cat and then something for Cat's boyfriend and his little boy but I am finished with Mouse so that is something!
~Unfortunately, I have wrapped nothing. I have stuff stashed all over the house but have not had a chance to wrap anything. The only things under my tree right now are from other people. Must get that completed this weekend also.
~ Mad Hatter and I both have a four day weekend so your prayers that we don't kill each other with all this wonderful togetherness would be much appreciated. Thank you.
~I have to take Mouse to the airport tomorrow to spend Christmas with her dad.....that really sucks
~Why doesn't the Starbucks here in town stay open 24 hours? I could really use a latte.
~I have two working days left until Christmas and these people are brutal! They push, they shove, and they move my displays around and screw everything up for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON!
~I have received many more Christmas cards this year. I am going to assume this was in part because of my post on my old blog about the mailing of Christmas cards being a dying art. Just goes to show you....whining DOES help.
~My car still has not forgiven me for taking him up into the cold Panhandle with snow and ice. It keeps making growling noises at me.
~I have been a mother for 20 years and for the first time in my entire mother career I had a child come home from school and tell me that he needed shredded lettuce to take for the Christmas party.
Okay, there. Updated. These are the thoughts that ran though my head and out of my fingers. Are you scared yet?


Two Lines On a Stick said...

Glad to find your blog! I added you to my Google Reader but it always takes me a while to update my sidebar in my blog. It's been ages since we've talked and we should chat again one of these days.

Tara (Two Lines On a Stick)

your Gnome friend said...

Are you finished now?

Everytime I think I am finished, someone sends the kids some money and it's back to the store for more shopping. At least Ray is home now. I am sending him to the mall for a Slytherin hoodie for Paige, from my Dad.