Friday, November 14, 2008

A meeting of the minds

I am all packed and ready to go camping. This weekend is the 100 year celebration of the Boy Scouts so we are going as a family. It should be noted that this is the first time that I have went camping since I was a small child. Of course Mad Hatter is not really happy with me because some of the essential things that I am bringing with me are not things that he believes belongs with camping.
First, is my moisturizer. Hello! I dont go ANYWHERE without my moisturizer. And it's not like I packed all of my makeup or anything.(Well at least none that he knows about)
Then there is the sheets and blankets for the air mattress. There is no way in hell I can sleep all cooped up in a sleeping blanket. Geez.
How about the cutting board and the disinfectant cleaner? Those are important, I would think.
Hand sanitizer........never leave home without it.
I threw a hot pad into the bag and he almost had a seizure. I asked him if, while cooking, he has ever had to grab something to pull the pan off the fire cause it was too hot and he finally shut up about that one.
He even had a problem with me bringing my camera and extra batteries. I just don't understand the man.
So see, this should be a very interesting experience. If we can make it though this weekend without Mad Hatter shooting me then I will be back on Sunday to tell you how it all went.
If, of course, I don't freeze to death out there since it is supposed to be 30 damn degrees.


kandyblossom said...

Well, I see you survived. How was it? Did everyone make it back alive, or did you leave bodies buried in the woods?

Andi said...

I hope you managed to stay warm! How did it go?
BTW, I never leave home without my hand sanitizer either!