Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is Today Monday and Someone Forgot to Tell Me?

The day started out as pretty normal. Woke Caterpillar up and told him to get ready for school. When he came out of his room Mad Hatter noticed that he was wearing the jeans that he wore yesterday and they weren't looking so healthy, if you know what I mean. So he told him to change. Caterpillar told him that he was wearing clean jeans so Mad Hatter went into his bedroom and checked the clothes hamper for the ones he wore yesterday. Guess what? They weren't there. So, he told Caterpillar to "CHANGE NOW!"
I was in the bedroom and MH was in the kitchen when Caterpillar came out of his room, yelled goodbye and ran out the door. A couple minutes later MH went into his room to check the dirty clothes hamper and lo and behold, there sat a pair of jeans. Folded up jeans that had not been worn at all.
Instead of changing his pants the little cretin pulled a clean pair out of the closet and threw it in the hamper.
So I go to work. I am in a Best Buy where several weeks ago I had a GPS reset. This store could not find the new demo units and I have searched the backroom over. I have spoken with every single person that works in that store that would possibly know anything about it nobody has a clue where it is and they all claim they have never seen it.
I have gotten several emails and phone calls about these missing demo units and I have given names of people they can call to verify this fact.
Guess what I found today? The stupid box of demo units was sitting in the stack of boxes that come in daily that they have to scan in. It has apparently been sitting in this stack for the past three weeks. I never looked at it because I am not supposed to pull anything from that pile and I would have thought that weeks ago this would have been taken care of. Course, I had no time to get this project completed today so I will have to go back in the morning and do it.
Now, the whole reason that I found this box with the demo units in it is because I was over in that area searching for a screwdriver in order to do another project. So I get the screwdriver and get all the stuff I need to do this other project. I pull off the part of the display wall that I need to work with. They have sent me the wrong bracket to use for this project. Siiiiiiiiiigh.
At this point it just seemed like the best thing to do would be to just come home and pray that tomorrow is a better day.
So, how was your day?


kandyblossom said...

So, has your day been better?

You know, it would really help your laundry situation if you just let him wear the same clothes everyday. Easier on the budget too. LOL.

Could be worse. Could have an Amber in your house. She changes 17times a day, including shoes and accessories. Try keeping up with that laundry. LOL.

My husband spent the night in the hospital again. It's just getting ridiculously silly now.

whiterabbit said...

Why in the world was he in the hospital??????
And wasnt any better of a day but at least it's Friday now.