Friday, January 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, it's Friday and I have made it through the week. It's been a pretty calm week, well except for today.
The Good:

*I got all my work done for the week and even worked on a few things for next week which means that I am actually ahead! Yeah, I know....spooky.
*The final tally of Caterpillar's grades came in and he passed everything. In fact, his lowest grade was a 74 in Math and since he does struggle in that class I am willing to accept it.
*MH actually was able to pick up a few side jobs. This is always a good thing.
*Found out that Cheshire Cat's new due date is June 25th. Not too much longer before we have a new baby to cuddle.
*It's warmed up a bit here so while it is still cool I am not turning into a popsicle.

The Bad:
*My dryer died finally this week. That is so not good on so many levels.
*I knew that I would be going out of town sometime next month for a few meetings at work. I also knew that it would be for a few days (paid for of course) I did not know that it was going to be the first week of the month and the way that I would find out was to get my itinerary emailed to me. I would have much rather had some details sent to me first...sigh.
*Got my new electric bill in this week and even though I froze through the entire billing period and never had my heat set above 68 my bill was $489. That is pathetically ridiculous.

The Ugly:

*I have a really good friend who is in her 70's. Another friend and I try to check up on her, especially since she is no longer working. We try to get together for lunch at least once a month. Today was that day. We waited for her for awhile and then went ahead and ate, thinking (and hoping) that she had just forgotten. The longer we sat there the worse I was feeling so we decided to drive to her house to check on her. Her car was sitting in the driveway and as I was contemplating the best way to break into her house to check on her a neighbor came over to tell us that she was taken by ambulance to the hospital the other night. After tracking her down and going to the hospital ourselves we finally were able to see her. She is in ICU where she is having internal bleeding they cannot control. She has been given several pints of blood and while they think she is getting better they still haven't found the cause. I will be going to the hospital to check on her again on Sunday and the only good part is that while I was there the social worker came in to get information from her so I am now listed on her emergency contacts so this will not happen again.

It's been something of a week and hopefully the good will continue and there will be no more ugly for quite awhile.


Andi said...

I'm dreading getting our electric bill. Should be interesting, to say the least!
I hope they find the cause of the bleeding of your friend. My prayers are with you.

kandyblossom said...

Oh my! Please tell C (I assume it is her) that I am thinking of her and praying she is better soon!

Ugh about the dryer. Hopeyou can get it fixed/replaced soon.

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