Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things that make me crazy

1. Mismatch socks. I know that seems a little um...OCD, but seriously, how hard is it to wear TWO MATCHING SOCKS!!!?
2. Towels not folded properly. Yes, we have established the whole OCD thing so get over it. I don't see why towels cannot be folded in half, in half again and then in thirds. It's not like I go to other people's houses and refold their towels or anything but in MY house they better be folded MY way.
3. Toilet paper sitting on top of the holder. How lazy can someone be to just put the new roll on top of the holder without actually putting it on the damn holder?
4. While we are on the subject of toilet paper, how about putting it on the holder in the right direction. The paper goes on the roll over NOT under.
5. People who call my phone and when I don't answer, call over and over again. Do you have no life?
6. People who do not seem to realize that they are not at home when they go out to eat. Last Friday Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and I went to a local Chinese Buffet place to get something to eat. While there I noticed not one, but two different girls who came in wearing pajamas.
7. People who lie. Especially when they lie in such a way that one could not possibly believe it, yet they expect you to anyway.
8. People who have no sense of humor. How can you get through your day without a sense of humor, seriously?
9. Calling a customer service number of any kind (Dell and Gateway are the worst) and getting someone who barely speaks English and what little they do speak is in such a heavy accent that you can't be sure that it really is English.
10. Trashcans. Okay, trashcans themselves don't annoy be but the trashcans in my house do. Apparently they can only be emptied if myself or Mad Hatter actually SAY "empty them". Did you know that approximately 10 more pounds of trash can be shoved into the top of the trashcan after it reaches the top of the rim?
11. The baggers at my local grocery store. Why on earth do they bother to sell the reusable grocery bags if they are going to get all pissy about it? And please tell me why they insist on wrapping things in PLASTIC bags before placing them in the reusable bags???
12. My bluetooth earpiece. How come the rest of the free world can get them to work but me, not so much?
13. Forwarded text messages. I didn't mind so much the emails that were forwarded constantly to me but for the love of you HAVE to text them to me too?

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Nicholas said...

I have some of the same issues as you: 3, 7 and 11 for example.

kandyblossom said...

Do you live in my house? LOL.

Gotta disagree on #4 goes UNDER not over.