Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bullet posts....the lazy bloggers friend

Because I am so scatterbrained and can't seem to keep up on anything I am doing I have decided that I will just bullet point the highlights to save time. There are so many different things that I could think of to write about but sometimes having too much to say is just every bit as bad as having nothing to say.

1. Dormouse is safely home where she belongs. Her friend came over yesterday to wait for her and brought the baby and since Dormouse wasn't going to be home until tonight she and the baby just stayed over. Was very very strange to wake up to a crying baby last night.
2. I broke my toe. And it hurts.
3. Cheshire Cat has officially been laid off from her job and is now unemployed. She will begin looking for a new job as soon as she stops hyperventilating.
4. Today was Cheshire Cat's boyfriends birthday. Don't remember if I ever introduced him but since he has become a main character we will just call him Al. His little boy is Aiden. (Cant seem to shorten Also, Dormouse's friend and the baby will hereafter be referred to as Em and Jay. We got a cake and when the girls got home we were able to have cake and ice cream.
5. Did I mention that I broke my toe and it hurts?
6. Jack's (the dog just in case you are wondering) fur was all dead on the undercoat and we have been having a terrible time trying to get it under control and unmatting it. Well...I always wanted a hairless dog and I now seem to have one. He was completely shaved this weekend and is now about a third of his normal size. He looks so pathetic and I feel so badly for him. He wont be able to go on walks for awhile cause I don't know if his ego can handle the other dogs laughing at him.
7. Caterpillar decided that he wanted to be able to see instead of having shaggy hair. Instead of waiting for the next day so I could take him to get his hair cut he decided that he would cut it himself. He now has VERY short hair.
8. Toe still hurting here.
9. The good news about the toe thing is that it has taken my mind off my hurt shoulder.
10. I spent all day Saturday cleaning Dormouse's room (and hyperventilating) and went through all of his clothes. I now have two HUGE bags of clothes to take to goodwill unless anyone happens to need boys shirts in a size 16-18. The pants never make it to goodwill as he is way too hard on them.
11. I hear a mouse!!!!!!!!!!
12. Crap! I just checked and its in the damn trap. Everyone is asleep, dammit.
13. Tomorrow is Monday.........I hate Mondays
14. I have almost completed back to school shopping. Maybe a couple more pairs of jeans and a few shirts.
15. It's gonna be a very very very long and complicated week.

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kandyblossom said...

Poor thing with your broken toe. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Hang in there!