Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Notice

I would like to take this opportunity to put a few people on notice:

Sonic drive thru people: Either do your job or get another one.....I am not inconveniencing you by showing up and ordering. Without people like me doing this you would not be getting paid.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service: And I do use the words "customer service" very loosely. After waiting on hold for 23 minutes do not treat me as an imbecile. I KNOW what a plugged in modem looks like and have been turning on and off my computer for quite a while now.....don't get snippy at me just because I have already tried to do these things myself before calling and bothering you.

Circuit City salespeople: I realize that I am not a customer so you are not as diligent about making sure that I am being waited on but please keep in mind that if you ignore me studiously for 20 minutes and then ignore the fact that I am waiting on a manager, it will be going into my report, which goes to your corporate office. Most times a customer isn't going to take the time to call your corporate office to complain however I am required to through my reports.

TAKS Tests: You suck, nuff said.

Nationwide Insurance: For the love of God, CASH THE DAMN CHECK I MAILED YOU 3 FRIGGIN WEEKS AGO!

Dormouse's High School: For two weeks straight you called my cell phone every single day with a recorded message telling me that there was a Black History Month Gala coming up on the 27th of Feb but you couldn't take the time to make one little phone call concerning the upcoming TAKS tests or the Senior Class Trip Meeting. After telling the students to hurry, hurry....get your parents to come to the meeting TONIGHT, the person in charge of the meeting was 20 minutes late and then spent most of the time complaining that not enough students or parents were showing up which was causing the trip to cost over $300 per student. Then, just to add insult to injury, after insulting the parents of seniors this year, we were told that it was our DUTY to our children and their school to volunteer to chaperone this trip, which incidentally would only cost us $250 each. Blow me.

That is all.